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Useful Addresses

Frequent requests are aimed at those seeking information on military personnel records or specific combat units. These are held in the Ministry of Defence, Polish Section. However, the process and access can be a little long and tedious. The Sikorski Institute in London contains a more comprehensive archive and a better starting place as the records are more complete.

For government-based records, the Public Records Office in Kew London contains a vast array of material, particularly on the SOE.

For MOD Polish records, please contact:

Margaret Goddard or Barbara Kroll
APC Polish Enquiries
Building 60
RAF Northolt,
West End Road
Middlesex HA4 6NG

Phone: 0044 (0) 208 833 8603
Email: margaret.goddard135@mod.uk

For a complete list of serving Polish Airforce personnel please go to: http://listakrzystka.pl/en/

Please remember some of these listed institutions are charities and do not have unlimited resources. Charges may be made to copy records etc, however, donations ease their running costs and would be appreciated.

The Sikorski Institute
20 Princes Gate

Phone: 0044 (0) 20 7589 9249

Polish Home Army Ex-Servicemen Association
240 King Street

No known phone number – Correspondence only

Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation
240 King Street

No known phone number – Correspondence only

Polish Underground Movement (1939 – 1945) Study Trust
11 Leopold Road

Phone: 0044 (0) 20 899266057
Email: spplondon@ukgateway.net

Polish Military Archives
Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe
ul. Czerwonych Beretów bl. 124

Email: caw@wp.mil.pl
Informacja Archiwalna tel. (22) 681-45-84
Email: informacja.caw@wp.mil.pl

Polish Red Cross and tracing Service
Biuro Informacji i Poszukiwań PCK
ul. Mokotowska 14
00-950 Warszawa

Fax: (022) 628-43-48 
Telefon: (022) 326-12-64
/osobiste przyjęcia interesantów od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 9-14/

Email: biuro.poszukiwan@pck.org.pl, tracing.service@pck.org.pl

Institute of National Remembrance (IPN)
ul. Towarowa 28,
00-839 Warsaw

Secretariat: (48-22) 581 85 42 fax 581 85 43
Email: sekretariat.ipn@ipn.gov.pl

Kresy Siberia Group covering Poles deported and enslaved in Siberia
An excellent web site with many links to an array of resources

Fondation Archivum Helveto-Polonicum
Grand-Places 16
1700 Fribourg
Phone: (004126) 305.13.32
Email: SygnarskiJ@fr.ch

Archiv das Polenmuseum
Hauptlatz 8 Rapperswil SG CH-8640
Email: info@polenmuseum.ch
Email: daniel.archrapperswil@gmail.com
+41 55 210 18 61
This museum and archive covers the 2DSP internment in Switzerland. The archive has entry by appointment.

Useful Web Sites

Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-1945 by Henry L. deZeng IV https://www.ww2.dk/lwairfields.html This is a comprehensive list of airfields in the WW2 theatre of war that includes non-operational sites.

Service historique de la Défense: covers a list of resistance fighters of the FFC, FFI, RIF and FFL http://www.servicehistorique.sga.defense.gouv.fr

Polish Air Force Personnel

II wojna światowa (World War II - in Polish) created by Mateusz Łabuz

 ADRES KONTAKTOWY: Lubień 881, 32-433 Lubień,

ADRES STRONY INTERNETOWEJ: http://www.sww.w.szu.pl/
Email: mateuszlabuz@gmail.com
FACEBOOK WITRYNY: II wojna światowa

Poland First to Fight website

Polish Genealogy:

Film Archive – Many Polish Units archived

Deportees to the Soviet Union
Офис в Малом Каретном
Россия, 127051, г. Москва, Малый Каретный переулок, д. 12
(корреспонденция только на этот адрес)
Офис в Каретном ряду
Россия, 127006, г. Москва, ул. Каретный ряд, д. 5/10
Приемная: (495) 699 11 80
Секретариат: (495) 650 78 83; (495) 609 06 94 (факс)
Группа по работе с регионами: (495) 699 60 82; (495) 699 62 39 (факс)
Правозащитный центр: (495) 225 31 18; (495) 699 11 65 (факс)
Научно-информационный и просветительский центр: (495) 650 78 83
Объединение лиц, пострадавших от политических репрессий: (495) 699 57 21, (495) 699 41 29 (тел./факс)
Email: info@memo.ru
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